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About Futureproof

Futureproof is a research, strategy and public affairs consultancy promoting policies to address social challenges arising from scientific and technological progress. We provide our clients and funders with politically targeted analysis, compelling reports, and expert advocacy support.

Our current focus is on helping policymakers navigate new challenges presented by rapid advances in the genetics of human behaviour. Our previous focus was advancing cost-effective policies to combat climate change.

Working with our clients and partners, Futureproof played an important role in securing major reforms to the European carbon market which have removed billions of tonnes of excess pollution permits from the system and led to a tenfold increase in the EU carbon price. We also provided essential thought leadership on how the UK carbon budget should be separated from the EU carbon budgets after Brexit. 

Our work on human genetics has been featured in Quillette. Our climate change work has been covered in The Guardian, Politico, Carbon Brief Carbon Pulse and Climate Home. Our clients include the European Climate Foundation, Climate Action Network (Europe), Sandbag, and WWF UK.





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