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Damien Morris | Director


Damien is an expert on EU and UK carbon budgets and targets.

He has appeared in The Guardian, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters and other major outlets. He was one of a small number of expert witnesses invited to give testimony at the European Parliament's formal hearing on the new Emissions Trading Directive. He has also been personally acknowledged in two reports from the UK Committee on Climate Change.

At Futureproof, Damien has assisted WWF-UK, Sandbag and the Climate Action Network in campaigns on the 5th UK carbon budget, the EU Emissions Trading Directive and the EU Effort Sharing Regulation.

In his prior role as Head of Policy at Sandbag, Damien played a prominent role in the debate on the Market Stability Reserve and the Backloading Decision - helping to secure and strengthen both reforms. During the passage of the 2016 Energy Bill he spear-headed a joint NGO campaign on accounting reforms to the UK Climate Change Act.

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